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One of the main formula to compete at Nutts Corner Raceway is BriSCA Formula 2. The cars are purpose built space frames with bumpers front and rear and whilst contact is permitted it is more a case of easing the car ahead of you wide so you can slip through and to gain a place.

The cars are single seaters and with adjustable shock absorbers to help with handling whilst they sport a roof aerofoil to help with downforce.

The cars are mainly powered by a 2 litre Ford Zetec or Pinto power units and are rear wheel driven. They have a proprietary gearbox with a prop shaft running to a diff in the rear axle and at the Racewall can achieve speed of around 75mph at the end of the main straights. The cars run on a single specified tyre.

Formula 2s are an exciting formula. especially at championship events where the speed, action and atmosphere cannot be replicated anywhere in Britain.

The Formula 2s can be seen at various tracks on mainland Britain in addition to here at Nutts Corner Raceway, where the cars can race on either tarmac or shale. There are also tracks they car race in the Netherlands where the World Cup meeting at Venray proves to be popular.

For furhter infomation, please visit BriSCA F2

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