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Saturday 25th May 2024

nutts corner raceway
1300 Stock Cars
Ht2: 48,515,997,972,41,922,993,888,44,24,101

Saloon Stock Cars
Ht2: 170,153,811,181,493,747,105,711,59
Final: 170,811,493,747,181,105,59

Junior Rods
Ht1: 218,85,969,74,107
Ht2: 85,969,218,74,107
Final: 218,107,85,74,969

Micro F2s
Ht1: 99,137,89,733,153,134,132,932
Ht2: 99,733,153,89,25,132,932
Ht3: 99,89,153,134,733,932,132,137


Sling Shot Monster Truck returned to the raceway after its exhilarating debut last season.

There was a sprinkling of Stock Car action on the billing also, featuring the Saloon Stock Cars, 1300 Stock Cars and Mico F2’s.
Former Irish Champion Ryan Wright was the opening winner of the afternoon, after a runaway victory in the first Saloon Stock Car heat. Co Armagh’s Ryan Patton secured the heat two spoils ahead of Wright. Patton completed the final distance to take the silverware ahead of Kieran McIvor and Glen Watt.

Randalstown man Ty Richardson was winner of the first 1300 Stock Car heat before Craig Bodenham dominated the remainder of the day, chalking up wins the second heat and meeting Final. Joining Bodenahm on the final podium was Gary Freeburn and Joshua McKinstry.

The kids in the Micro F2’s relished the opportunity to perform on the big stage in front of the large gathering of spectators. Robbie Graham certainly didn’t suffer any stage fright as he stormed to a fine hat trick of wins.

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